Welcome to Mooroolbark Bowls Club


Social Bowls

Wednesdays - Start time 12.30pm

Fridays - Start time 9.30am - Prizes Galore........

Friday Nights

Come along to one of our Friday Nights at 6pm onwards, and catch up with other members. Bring along other family members or friends for a couple of drinks and nibbles.

We have a members draw, which if you're in attendance and your membership number is drawn out, you take with you the jackpot.

So, instead of sitting at home bored with what's not on TV, come along for a chance to win.

Monday "Meetings"

Monday Meetings are held on the first Monday of each Month.

The next few meetings will be held on Monday 6th March, 3rd April, 1st May, 5th June......

Please come along and find out what is happening at OUR CLUB and what you might be missing out on.


If you have anything you would like added or an idea on a change to the Club Website, please send me a message and let me know. Also, if you've got any photos or anything relevant you would like added, send them through and I'll get them on.

My details are: Greg Kennedy:  goonk.kennedy@gmail.com


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